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童话故事7篇【中英互译】 睡前小故事

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Fox and crow


  There was a big tree in the forest, and a crow lived on the tree. While a fox lived in a hole under the tree which the crow lived on.


  One day, the crow stood on the tree with a piece of meat, and the fox saw her. The fox was very hungry and wanted the meat in the mouth of the crow. As the fox couldn't climb trees, and there was no way to get the meat under the tree.


  The sly fox won't give up getting the meat. The fox was racking its brains under the tree, and his eyes rolled over, and then, he came up with a ghost idea.


  He said to the crow:"Dear sweet, how are you?" The crow did not answer her. The fox had to smiled and said:"dear sweet, how are your children?" The crow looked at the fox and still didn't answer. The fox shook his tail and spoke the third time:"dear sweet, your feathers are so beautiful, and the sparrows are far away from you. You have a lovely voice, and everyone loves to hear you sing. Could you sing me a song please?"


  The crow was very pleased and thought: Only the fox said I had a good voice and wanted to hear me sing.


  So the crow sang happily. But when she opened her mouth, the meat fell down.


  The fox hurried to pick up the meat and went into the hole, only leaving the crow there to scream.


The Origin Of The Four Major Rivers In China


  Long long ago, rain stopped falling in China. The people prayed for rain to the Jade Emperor, for it was he who looked after everything in heaven, on the land and in the sea, but no matter how much they prayed, rain did not fall.


  Four dragons lived in the East China Sea in those days. They swam to shore to see what was happening, and saw people tearing grass from the caked ground, for the people had nothing else left to eat.


  "We must do something," Long Dragon said, and Yellow Dragon nodded. "We must help them ourselves," said Pearl Dragon, "for the Jade Emperor will never answer their prayers."


  They suddenly thought of a way to help. They started swimming this way and that, scooping up water with their bodies. Then all four leapt into the sky. Black Dragon flew to the north, Long Dragon flew to the west, Pearl Dragon flew to the southernmost tip of China, and Yellow Dragon flew to the very center of the vast country. All at once, they let the water fall from their mouths, arms, legs, and even their tails.


  The people down below looked up, but they could not see the dragons. They could only see the rain falling from the sky. "Rain!" they cried joyfully, and all the people and animals ran out into the rain and started to dance.

  地面的人们看不到龙。只能看到雨从天空降下来。 “雨!”人们欢呼雀跃,所有的人和动物都奔入雨中。

  When the Jade Emperor saw the rain, he was furious. "Who dares to tamper with my world?" he shouted, and then saw the four dragons swooping around in the sky. "You will not escape!" he thundered, and summoning Mountain God, he ordered him to kill the dragons.


  Mountain God sent four mountains tumbling after the dragons. The moment the creatures landed, the four mountains landed on top of them, crushing them. Then an odd thing happened. Suddenly four rivers formed, springing out from beneath the mountains and spreading across the whole country.


  This, people say, is how the four great rivers of China were created: the Yangtze, the Yellow, the Pearl and the Heilongjiang are all that remain of the four great dragons who once saved the people of China.


Tadpoles look for mom


  Spring has come. The ice melted in the pond. The frog mother has slept for a winter. She crawled out of the mud hole, jumped into the pond with a splash, and gave birth to a lot of dark round eggs on the water plants.


  The pond water was getting warmer and warmer. The frog's egg slowly moved, became a group of tadpoles, they swam in the water, very happy.


  One day, mother duck with her children swam in the pond. The small tadpoles saw little ducks following their mom to row to paddle in the water, then, they thought of their mother. Tadpoles you ask me, I ask you, but no one knew where their mother was.


  They swam to the mother duck together and asked: "Mother duck, have you seen our mother? Please tell us, what is our mother?"


  Mother duck replied: "I have seen her. Your mom head has two big eyes. You find yourself."


  "Thank you, mother duck!" Small tadpoles swim cheerfully.


  A big fish swam over. Seeing two big eyes on her head, they thought she must be their mother, and cried catch up: "Mother! Mother!" Fish said with smile: "I am not your mom. Your mother has four legs, come to the front to look for her."


  "Thank you! Fish mother!" Small tadpoles swam again.


  A big turtle swam. Tadpole saw big turtle has four legs, and caught up, shouted:"Mother! mother!"


  Big turtle said with smile: "I am not your mom. Your mom's belly is white, come to the front to look for her."


  The tadpoles thanked the turtle for moving forward.


  A big goose sang and swam up. Small tadpoles saw goose's white belly, thought happily: this time can really found mom, and caught up with Shouting: "Mother! mother!"


  Goose said with smile: "small tadpoles, you are wrong. I am not your mom. Your mom wears green clothes, come to the front to look for her."


  The tadpoles thanked mother goose and continued to swim.


  Small tadpoles swam and swam, swam to the pond, saw a frog sat round the lotus leaf. They swam quickly, quietly asked: "Do you, you saw our mother? She has two big eyes and overhead, has four legs, white belly, and wear green clothes."


  The frog smiled and said: "Silly child, I am your mother!"


  Small tadpoles heard and wagged their tails, said: "Oddness! oddness! Why don't we look the same as you?"


  The frog mother smiled and said: "You're small. When you grow up, you'll be like mom."


  The tadpoles said happily: "Ah! We find mom! We find mom! Good mother, mother, please come to here quickly!"


  The frog mother jumped into the water with a splash and went on a trip with her children.


A child holding an empty flowerpot


  A long time ago, there was a beloved king. He was old, and had no energy to deal with state affairs. But he had no child, which made him very nerve-racking.


  One day, the king came up with an idea, so he brought together ministers discuss: "I want to pick an honest child, adoptive son, so that he later inherited my throne." ministers thought it was a good method.


  The king enjoined the minister to send some flower seeds to every child in the kingdom, and the ministers immediately set about dealing with it. Ministers told each child of receiving seed: "If you use these seeds to cultivate the most beautiful flowers, then you will be able to become the king's heir."


  Having received the seeds, the children went home with great glee. All the children planted flower seeds, watering, fertilizing, cultivation, intensive care, did not slack.


  There was a little boy named Bear, who was very hard to cultivate flower seeds. But ten days later, and a half months later, a month later …… pots seed remains the same, there was no sign of a little sprout.


  "That's strange! What happened?" Bear was very puzzled.


  One night, he could not help but asked his mother: "Why don't the seeds of my kind germinate?"


  His mother said: "You put the soil in pots for a change, maybe the seeds will germinate."


  Bear adopted his mother's suggestion, in the new soil sowed those seeds. Raging as before, good care of these seeds, but they still did not germinate.


  Flower day was coming. Children holding pots with flowers in full bloom, took to the streets, everyone wanted to be the king's heir. But somehow, as the king walked, he looked at the children with flowers, and there was no smile on his face.


  In the corner of the street, the king saw a child carrying empty pots standing there in tears. The child was Bear. The king came to ask: "Why are you carrying empty pots of it?"


  Sobbing, Bear told the king how he had grown flowers.


  Heard his answer, the king happily took his hands and loudly said: "You are my son honest!"


  The children did not understand and asked the king: "Why did you choose a child with an empty flowerpot as heir?"


  King said: "Boys, the flowers I sent you are seeds that have been cooked. His pots are full of things you don't have!"


  After listening to the king, those children holding flowers, flushed with shame, for they sowed not the seed that the king sends them.


Shen nong Tastes A Hundred Grasses


  All his life, Shen Nong had a crystal abdomen, and one could clearly see all of his internal organs. At that time, humans were often getting sick and even dying because they ate things indiscriminately . Shen Nong determinedly tasted everything everywhere; the good tasting things he put in a bag on his left side, those were for people to eat; the bad-tasting things he put in a bag on his right side and those were used for medicine.


  The first time, Shen Nong tasted a small fresh leaf. As this leaf fell into his stomach, it cleaned every inch of his insides so that every organ top and bottom was fresh and cool, as if was somehow on patrol, so Shen Nong called it “chá”, and later generations of men called it “chá” [tea]. Shen Nong put it in the bag on the right. The second time, Shen Nong tasted a little light red flower that looked like a butterfly, which was sweet and delicious, with an exotic smell that filled his nostrils, so he called it “licorice”. He put it in the bag on the left. In this way, Shen Nong diligently tasted all manner of flora, and every time he was poisoned, he used tea to rescue himself. Before long, the bag on his left contained 47,000 kinds of flowers, grasses, roots and leaves, and the right side had 398,000 kinds.


  But one day, Shen Nong tasted “heartbreak grass”, and this poison was too terrible, so there wasn’t enough time to eat the tea leaves to detoxify and he died. He sacrificed himself to save humanity, so people call him the “Bodhisattva of Medicine”, and people forever commemorate him through this story.




  Cinderella is a beautiful girl, and she has two ugly stepsisters. They are not kind to Cinderella. Cinderella had to do all of the work. Cinderella couldn't go to the party because she didn't have beautiful clothes. Instead, her stepsisters had.


  Cinderella's stepsisters left home. They were going to the prince's party. Cinderella cried, and she also wanted to go there. Suddenly, a kind fairy showed up.


  "Don't worry," said the fairy. "You can go to the prince's party." "I can't go," cried Cinderella. "I don't have a nice dress."


  "It will be all right," said the fairy. "Go and get a pumpkin, six mice and a rat." Cinderella quickly found them. "What will you do?" Cinderella asked.


  The fairy waved her wand over the pumpkin. The pumpkin immediately became a beautiful silver coach. The fairy waved her wand over the six mice. She changed them into six strong men. The six men would go with the coach. Then the fairy changed the rat into a man. He was the driver of the coach.


  The coach was beautiful, but Cinderella still looked sad. "I still can't go to the party. My dress is too ugly," she said. "Don't worry," said the fairy. She waved her wand and made Cinderella's dress beautiful.


  Now Cinderella had a nice dress. It was gold and very pretty. Her shoes were made of glass. Cinderella was so beautiful, and she could go to the party.


  "You must leave the party before twelve o'clock," said the fairy. "At 12:00 the magic will end."


  "I will be back before twelve o'clock," said Cinderella. She got into the coach and went to the party.


  The prince's palace was full of people. They were all happy to be at the big party. All of the girls wanted to marry the prince. At this time, Cinderella walked into the palace. "Who is she?" everyone asked. "She's so beautiful," they said.


  The prince saw Cinderella. He asked her to dance with him. They danced and talked all night, and then, they fell in love. At twelve o'clock, Cinderella ran out of the palace.


  Cinderella ran and lost one of her glass shoes. She had to get home before twelve. She ran into the house in time. Now, she was wearing her old dress again.


  The prince found Cinderella's shoe. "I know this shoe. It belongs to that beautiful girl. I'll find her," he said. The next morning, he went from house to house to find her. He went to Cinderella's house. The two ugly stepsisters tried on the shoe, but their feet were too big.


  "Can I try it on?" asked Cinderella. "Yes," the prince said, so Cinderella tried the shoe on. It fit her foot. "I have found my princess," the prince said.


  Soon Cinderella and the prince got married. They live happily ever after.


A Smart Tortoise


  There lived a fox in the forest. One evening the fox was hungry and he was looking for food. He had been walking in the forest for a long time without finding any small animal.


  When he came to the river, he saw a frog in front of him.


  The fox thought: "Ha ha! A frog ! My dinner! " so he pounced on the frog. Just at this moment, a tortoise, who behind the fox saw it, and bit the fox's tail.


  "Ouch! Ouch!" The fox cried and looked back to see who was so bold as to bite him.


  At this time,The frog heard the voice and jumped into water. "Thank you, little tortoise." said the frog.


  But the fox was very angry. "Is really damn it! I'll throw you to the sky! "


  "Thank you to help me, I like flying in the sky very much." said the tortoise.


  The fox stopped, "I can't make you proud, I will throw you into the river."


  Said the little tortoise hurriedly "Oh, no! I can't swim; I will die if you throw me into the water."


  The fox immediately threw the tortoise into the river quickly, when he heard this.


  As soon as the tortoise fell into the river, the tortoise came out of the water and said happily, "Thank you, Mr.fox. Bye-bye."


  The tortoise and the frog swam away together.


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