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Have some kind of love, become blind but hypocritical in this abnormal society: Be unbearable Catherine vanity thin and weak, bumptious betraying; Have some kind of regret, be in so cruel society unexpected turn of events’ ferocious but frightful: Be frenzied continuous Heath cliff revenge, apprehensive helpless giving up all hopes.

So-called human nature, so-called truth, good and beauty are borrowing evil ugly in front of appearing like that lowly, like that easy to break to pieces. Like that intense love , sinuous violent regret intertexture, love accommodates oneself to the extreme frenzied, regret accommodates oneself to the extreme demented , regretful to hurt , leave blood with sobbing , remaining endless scab is left ultimately.

But disregarding this world be how force and hold back our pure but fine copy of the first edition human nature, anyway dogleg and confine, how the misleading sum restrains , we essential points is more soberly comparing with others checks self doctrine: "Love needs to being apt such that concealing one's real feelings , Aide are sincere , being apt such that Ling Ran is apt such that being duty-bound and will not turn back firmly, can not love to the anesthesia , love to the life regret , love but to agony. Continue being

perplexed among indifferent enmity till destroying others also not destroying yourself , need to make great efforts to shake off the net vanishing into thin air , finish spending every day , conscientious cherishing flat and plain everyone, who loves you and you love.

That distinctive and heavyhearted as well ruthless quality grabs Wuthering-Heights my heart deeply, that the times love tragedy leaves drapery behind, perform but ceaselessly by us, when ability is end? Or, this paradox is to redeem have no way to save forever.


1、ablaze<adj>burning quickly and strongly猛烈燃烧的2、abortion<n>a medical operation to end pregnancy at an early stage人工流产3、abrasive<adj>acting in a way that may hurt other people’s feelings伤感情的4、clip<v>a quick hit with your hand抽打,猛击5、hoarse<adj>sounding rough and unpleasant沙哑的6、hive<n>a structure made for bees to live in蜂房7、inaudible<adj>that you can not hear听不见的8、inadequate<adj>not enough不足的9、jugular<informal>to attack sb’s weakest point during a discussion in an aggressive way工期要害10、kid-nip<v>to make sb away illegally and keep them as a prisoner绑架,劫持11、lamentable<adj>very disappointing令人遗憾的12、lamebrain<n>a stupid person呆子13、mega<adj>very large巨大的14、meager<adj>small in quantity and poor in quality量少而质劣的15、mobilize<v>to work together in order to achieve a particular aim鼓动

16、mock<v>to laugh at sb in an unkind way嘲笑17、raucous<v>sounding loud and roughly刺耳的18、raunchy<adj>intend to be sexually exciting 下流的19、ringing<adj>loud and clear响亮的20、ringleader<n>a person who leads others in crime or in causing trouble元凶21、sanity<n>the state of having a normal healthy wind神志正常22、sapphism<n>relating to lesbians女同性恋23、sarcastically<adv>showing or expressing sarcasm挖苦的24、smite<v>to hit sb/sth hard重打25、smock<n>a long loose piece of clothing worm over other clothes to protect them from dirt罩衣26、mocha<n>a type of coffee of very good quality摩卡咖啡27、splosh<n>the soft sound of sth moving through or failing into the water哗哗声28、stravaig<v>to walk around without aim游荡29、decay<v>to destroyed gradually by natural processes腐烂30、mingle<v>to combine or make one thing combine with anther使混合31、nominal<adj>being sth in name only, and not in reality有名无实的32、muse<n>a person or spirit gives a writer, painter etc ideas and the desires to create things灵感33、murky<adj>not clear浑浊的34、multitude<adj>an extremely large number of things or people大量的35、obsessively<adv>thinking too much about one particular person or thing in a way that is not normal痴迷的36、obscure<adj>not well known鲜为人知的37、parlay<v>to discuss with sb in order to solve a disagreement和谈38、pinnacle<n>the most important or successful part of sth鼎盛时期39、consent<n>permissive to do sth允许40、

consecutive<adj>following one after anther in a series without interruption连续不断的41、crinkly<adj>having a lot of thin folds or lines多皱褶的42、cripple<v>to damage sb’s body使残废43、vigilant<adj>very careful to notice any signs of danger or trouble警觉的

44、vocally<adv>in a way that uses the voices口头上45、purplish<adj>similar to purple in color发紫的46、purport<n>the general meaning of sth主旨47、infamous<adj>well known for bad or evil臭名昭著的48、infallible<adj>never wrong永无过失的49、inert<adj>without power to move or act无行动能力的50、static<adj>not moving changing or developing停滞的




I read this book, feel very sad, as their mother and sad. So many children brought up, but it was such a " reward ". These children just for money and mother quarrel, and even to kill her, is not filial.

2 、《象人》 We can't laugh at people with disabilities, they need to respect, they also like us, also is a person, is a member of the society. The book of people doing very well, give it a lot of respect, we should learn from them


Reading this book, I deeply realize the importance of environmental protection, our earth is in a disastrous state, but we also don't protect it, is, we want to like the book. Go to the moon? Act now, people, for our planet and action!

4 、《世界上最冷的地方》

This book tells the story of looking for the pole, I also learn a similar text, I feel they are great, but we can not only see the winner, we also see the slumbers of Scott, whoever arrives first, is our hero


Many people think of reaping, but they have to pay a price as the protagonist in the book, listen, eventually lost son. This is a sad story. So we don't like them, to support oneself, not fantasy sky.



Frankenstein was a good scientist.He wanted to use elestricity to help people,and he wanted to discover the secrets of life.He worked very hard on these two things.He wanted to create a new life, but he was not allowed to make such medical experiments.He made a body in his laboratory and he did not let anybody enter his labtatory or his flat while he was doing this awful work.He bought or stole all the pieces of human body that he needed,and slowly and carefully, he put them all together. He used electricity from lighting to give life to the body. In the beginning, the monster was kind and helpful. But when he was hated everywhere by his creator and people,he felt very painful. He became hated everything and wanted to destroy everything.He killed Frankenstein's son, William and fiancee ,Elizabeth.Frankenstein filled with anger chase him with his creation demonic monster, finally, Frankenstein and the monster in the fight they died.

It is a very terrible story. Frankenstein created a monster, in this society in which the subject of ridicule, discrimination, so that he eventually became hate everything, trying to ruin everything. This is not just to create a simple person, but to create a Satan, a devil. If people all show kindness for the monster, it would be a good man.There would not be many people losing their lives.In the story,the monster asked Frankenstein to make a second creature. But

at last, frankenstein did not.I think he is right.If he does that,there may be more people to be dead.Maybe in the future,there will be no person on Earth. It is awful.

From the story,I learned that everyone should have sympathy. Do not only care about appearance.

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